Thursday 31 October 2013

New Medication Administration in Nursing Practice Module from CRNBC

The module provides flexible, self-directed opportunities to support nurses in understanding and practicing according to the standards and highlights:

·         translation of the standards and illustration of how these principles apply to practice in a wide variety of contexts

·         opportunities to explore medication administration requirements and issues and associated responsibilities for nurses, employers and CRNBC

·         overview of common errors in medication administration and strategies to avoid these including a review of the process for reporting and follow up

·         practice-based examples and a thinking framework that stimulate reflection and explore the support and guidance provided by these standards with selected aspects of practice

·         a comprehensive workbook and learning resources to stimulate and capture ongoing professional development/QA planning

Overseas Volunteer Opportunities for Nursing Students

Please note that Douglas College Health Scienes is forwarding this information for consideration.  Health Sciences at Douglas College is not in affiliation with this group, but recognizes the information may be of some interests to students and faculty. 
Ann McLaughlin:  Director, NGO Abroad
Uganda, Honduras, Rwanda, Bolivia, Peru:           Health Clinics
Uganda, Caribbean, Rwanda:                                   Hospitals
Cameroon, Rwanda, Uganda, Morocco:                Family planning & Women's Health
Cameroon, Uganda, Bolivia:                                     Public Health - village outreach 
Tanzania, Uganda                                                       AIDS, palliative care
Caribbean, Morocco, Uganda, Indonesia:             Midwifery - ante & post natal; labor & delivery           
Indonesia, Uganda:                                                   Teaching Midwifery and/or Nursing
Experienced professionals and students are needed:
Types of Nurses needed:                                             Med-Surg, ICU, ER, pediatrics, labor & delivery,
                                                                                         Family practice, school nurse + more!
Please read NGOabroad website
and send answered Questionnaire and resume to:


Sunday 27 October 2013

Innovation Award - Health Science Students - Westwood Cycle

In 2014, two new student awards will be presented.  These awards sponsored by Westwood Cycle will be presented to two Douglas College Health Sciences Students. 

The awards will be given to two student who present projects that clearly link the benefits of exercise and health.  Projects fitting this criteria are eligible for two awards:

       $  500.00

Awards will be presented as cash to the student(s).  Projects may be individual or group projects with the award being divided amongst the group members.

The primary emphasis of the project is as noted above, the link between exercise and health.  Preference will be given to projects that are implemented in practice, with additional consideration given to projects that demonstrate sustainability and/or a direct link to the Tri-Cities Community.

Awards are self nominated and are to be submitted by the students initiating the project.  Project packages will be available by December 2013.  Each project will be required to:

      1.  Identify individual or group members (must be a student in good standing in a Health Sciences program).
      2.  Provide a brief description of the project
      3.  Identify community or group served by project
      4.  Identify project budget
      5.  Identify goal of project
      6.  Identify implementation plan and/or implementation methods if project delivered
      7.  Identify evaluation methods for project or evaluation summary if project delivered

Students are to discuss project with their Program Coordinator or Director prior to implementation  If project requires Review by the Ethics Board of Douglas College please ensure that this is completed prior to project implementation. 

Deadline date for projects is May 2014.  The awards committe will evaluate and decide on all projects in June 2014, with award presentation occurring in June of 2014.

If you have any questions please contact  

Friday 25 October 2013

Welcome to the Douglas College Health Sciences Blog - for Health Sciences students, faculty and staff

The Health Sciences faculty at Douglas College is committed to current and ongoing excellence in all that we do.  To that end we recognise that one area we need to continue to enhance, in particular, for our students is timely and effective communication about education and health matters. 

This blog is intended to be the place to go on a regular basis to find out what's new and more importantly what is new and relevant for Health Sciences students and faculty.  It is also a place to share student accomplishments and initiatives. 

Blackboard will continue to be the medium of sending out program and course related information for programs.  This blog will send out information such as:

Student Employment/Volunteer Opportunities
Student Awards
Articles of interest to student, faculty, and staff
Student accomplishments (awards, projects, and initiatives)
Faculty awards, profiles, projects etc. of interest
Speakers Series information
Continuing Education Offerrings

A comments section is available for discussion and questions, and the blog will be checked on a regular basis.  Please note though that if your question is program related that your communication source remains your program.

If you have an item you would like to contribute directly to the blog, then please send the information to

Welcome .....